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Aqua ;c hydro

What is the Aquashine procedure?
The Aquashine procedure is one of the ways to rejuvenate the skin with the help of a uniform and direct injection of hyaluronic acid into the dermis layer, which leads to the brightness and moistening of the skin, concentrating the moisture, since the HA has a moistening effect. In total, the 10-15-minute procedure results in skin rejuvenation, which becomes brighter, moisturized and more elastic, as it is filled with a lot of moisture.
What is HA (hyaluronic acid)?
Hyaluronic acid is one of the natural polysaccharides, an extracellular matrix ingredient, a natural substance existing in the human body. It replenishes the vigorous source of cellular tissue, which leads to the protection and non-aging of the skin. HA contains 200-300 times more moisture than the human body, since it is one of the safest ingredients of the human body, it helps moisturize and rejuvenate the skin.

The effect of the Aquashine procedure
KB Med
Skin rejuvenation
• brighten the skin
• textured skin
• the elasticity of the skin
• pulling up the pins
• removal of pigments (freckles, spots)
• addition to makeup
Against aging
• removal of fine wrinkles
• improve the elasticity of the skin
• prevents the aging of the skin
• improve the condition of the skin
• improve the skin condition regardless of the change seasons
• remove dead skin cells
• appeared effect after 1-2 weeks
• during 3-4 months

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